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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

Bike Nites Bars & Ridin...ROAR position statement

Nothing against any bike nites, biker bars/bars or any bike events folks. But, ROAR has shown more interest in places where the consumption of intoxicating beverages is less likely to occur while ridin. Drinkin and ridin is not what ROAR/Ridin is about. If you ride a R. Ride please do not drink any intoxicating beverages or ingest any illegal drug or, abuse any prescription drug.

The above is not in any way meant to say or infer that all riders are attending the above while intoxicated or riding while under the influence of intoxicatin beverabges or any illegal drug or that all motorcycle rides consume same while ridin...just sayin, if you do, don't ride and consume while ridin with/in a ROAR group ride.

Also, the above is not meant that some of ROAR will not from time to time take part in events held at establishments where intoxicating beverages are sold or given away.

Thank you very much for your understanding!